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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 03:59 pm
Ain Soph OW

Richter Abend was not a patient man. He knew that he had precious little time to complete the ceremony he had planned. And if he did not complete this now then everything he had worked for would be lost. So this night as he approached the tent, he made up his mind on exactly what needed to be done.

The ceremony (according to the ancient and oddly stained tome he found it in) require the gayest, girliest, faggoty, looking man possible. While it was rather strange to find this phrasing inside a text entailing such archaic rituals, Emil fit the bill perfectly. The cocktail dress. The way he wore his hair. The insatiable lust for penis. Yes, he had take Emil several times. Both willingly and unwillingly. Richter had a reputation among certain circles as the God of Rape, and he much prefered having his way with girl-boys than having a willing partner. For Richter enjoyed forcing it, partially because he liked the power, but mostly it was because sex in and of itself had come to bore him.

The variety of perversions Richter had engaged in and forced upon others was long and would make normal people vomit just thinking about. Sure, some bondage might involve burning wax, but Richter found this pedestrian and began using scaling oil and then using leaving the burns to fester for a few days. Then he would use the wounds' pus as lube onto whatever orifice he could reach with his thick, 14 inch dick. He would then puncture the wounds and fuck them. Then if they were still alive he'd fuck them any which way he could until they were completely used, a husk designed just for fucking.

“Wake up, Emil.” He whispered. As the young man woke up, Richter immediately smacked him as hard as possible with a sock full of Gall knocking him back out. He then tied a spiked belt around Emil's balls (as per the ritual) and dragged him out of the tent toward the alter he had prepared.

Emil awoke with his jaw swollen. He saw Richter, framed against the moonlight. “What's going on?” he demanded. “I know we don't always get along but this is a little ridiculous. Shouldn't you appear randomly at the end of some dungeon I've had a bitch of time getting through?”

“What's going on,” said Richter, “is that tonight is the only night in a thousand years that one may perform the Ritual of the Endless Rape and ascend to the level of a Higher Fuck Demon. And you are to be the conduit for my ascension.”

With that he readjusted his glasses and removed his jacket. Every inch of his massive member was erect and he was wearing a series of cock rings over the entirety of it. He truly looked like he deserved his title, the God of Rape.

Emil was too stunned to move, which did not help him as Richter cracked him in the face with the flat of the Diablos axe, sending teeth flying everywhere. As Emil lay bleeding, Richter began to fuck his face. While his penis was certainly guarded against biting thanks to the straps covering it, teeth would hinder his efforts and he also had a preference for gummers since he had single handedly fucked an entire old folks home.

Emil was choking on a combination of precum, blood, and cockflesh. As he opened his mouth wider to breathe Richter went even deeper. First, he angled it so that his tip would press against the soft pallet at the top of Emil's mouth. It gave way a bit, but not enough to damage the brain. He then changed angles to directly take it all the way to his throat. “You've never had all of it before have you, Emil?” Emil made some odd noises, which could either have been an attempt at communication or merely a sound of utter surrender to the oral onslaught he was under.

“ALL IN” cried Richter, and he went balls deep on Emil. All 14 went down his throat and stayed there as cum poured into Emil. Richter let this go for a few minute, smiling smugly to him self as he noticed Emil's stomach fill from his burst of love seed. He began to pull out, semen still flowing and he showered the boy's face, so that it looked as if he had just fallen head first into a vat of blue cheese dressing. Emil then vomited and a mixture of blood, bile, and semen flew from his mouth to the ground. He collapsed into it.

This now left him boy pussy vulnerable as his cocktail dress rode up enough to reveal his backdoor entrance. Phase one of the ritual was done, now it was time for phase two. Muttering an incantation, Richter removed his cock straps, freeing his fuck rod to become engorged to its maximum size. Sigils began to glow upon it and he leapt into the air. “MYSTIC ARTE THUNDER ANAL EARTHEN PLUNGE” he cried as the entire length and width of him entered Emil's ass all at once. Lubrication was not an option.

He rapid began thrusting causing the earth beneath them to give way. A crater began to form with each thrust. Pausing only for a moment to insert a talisman into Emil's dickhole, Richter then stood up, lifting Emil still on his colossal wang. He then began waving him through the air screaming “WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE” (as per the ritual) as the blonde began sliding further down his dick.

After 40 minutes of this Richter ejactulated precisely 24 gallons of his dick cream inside of Emil. The force was great enough to force the fucked boy off his dick onto the ground in a heap. Blood, feces, and semen poured from his bowels like piss coming out of my ass. Emil vomited again and soon was lying in a pool of bodily fluids at the bottom of this crater.

This phase of the ritual had gone better than expected. Richter took a golden chalice and filled it with the santorum that had just gushed forth. Going to the alter he drew a new, larger, more ancient sigil. He smiled as the circle began to glow. Tonight would be a night for the ages.



Richter had just finished an amazing double fisting while assfucking Aster with his 9 inch dick (its a flashback, hasn't grown to the full 14 yet, hurr). Aster was the only person he had every made love to. Sure he had slept with men and women and various animals. He had raped all those things too. But Aster was something different. As he gently applied a courtesy reach-around, Aster turned and kissed the face of his glasses wearing lover. “Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality,” he whispered. “And you certainly have courage because your dick is like a magic wand.” And with that Aster became pregnant from buttfucking.


Not many men can say they have raped their son for magical gain, but Richter could now claim to be part of that fraternity. Yes, Emil was Aster's assbaby. The human sphincter is in no way designed to give birth to a child so when Emil crawled out, he brought his incubators internal organs with him. It was gross. Richter had felt such loss, and the sight of a child that could have been Aster's twin was too much. He abandoned the baby in a public bathroom.

But the child had lived and in living would fulfill a great purpose. As Richter looked back at the heaving boy, he knew that Aster would have wanted this. The gaping anus. The bloody mouth. The gallons of semen that were quickly causing the night air to stink. Yes, on this night of nights Richter new that the only living being he had ever lover would be proud to see him fuck his flesh and blood senseless for the right to rise to demonhood.

Suddenly, the moon darkened. The santorum sigil on the alter began to glow, and Spurgeon, the Summon Spirit of Jizz appeared before Richter.

“Well how the fuck ya doin'? Guess you're the only person screwed up enough to go through the ritual to summon me. Well kudos, you incest loving sicko! Where's your son, Father of the Year?” The summon spirit had the appearance of a huge, beautiful man. He sported two penises that were so large and glorious that even Richter felt slightly uncomfortable. But he had come to far to be deterred by an unearthly being with itanic cocks.

Richter gestured toward Emil. The blonde had regained consciousness just in time to see Spurgeon suddenly erupt with tentacle and charge toward him. He stayed awake long enough to know he wished he had stayed unconscious. He last glimpse through the sea of thrusting, grabbing appendages was Richter turning away... as a father turns from his son. And somehow Emil knew and he wept with insane joy.

Spergeon made swift work of Emil. Cramming 8 tentacles into his mouth they would periodically let loose with a stream of potent man batter, alternating between spraying it on his face and down his throat. His ass, such as it was, had been filled to capacity. But the Summon Spirit of Jizz was not one to be denied. Thusly, he grabbed hold of Emil's anus in all directions and STRETCHED. It was stretched farther than any anus had been stretched before. Richter shed a tear, having never seen anything so beautiful before. Tentacle after tentacle entered the hole large enough to march an entire army through.

Eventually Spergeon was finished. He erupted, not quite unlike a volcano. With cum flying every which way, the sight could be seen on both Tethe’alla and Sylvarant. Emil was tranformed into a veritable Ouroboros of jizz as the dick sludge entered his as and exited his mouth and vice versa. As the tentacles withdrew his ass prolapsed.

“Welp that sure was a hum-dinger!” Spergeon began to sparkle as he faded away. “Thanks for the fun, good luck being a demon. And hey, you ever find an asshole like that again, you let me know, kay? Shit's so strechably awesome!” And with that he departed.

Emil somehow was still alive and regained his senses after a few hours. Richter stood before him. Something was different.

“At last my quest is complete. I have spent years studying the ancient rites require to ascend to demonhood. And at last I have done it!” With that he burst into unearthly flames. His large penis remained unchanged for a moment when suddenly 13 more of equal length sprang forth. The each grew a set of horrific looking spikes along them before bursting into flames themselves. He looked down at Emil, his eyes looked inhuman and his teeth looked like daggers “THIS IS THE DAY OF RECKONING” he bellowed.

Emil felt a shade of fear pass over him.

Chapter 3 coming soon...

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